EXIM PHARMA is a Belgian company created in 2021 by experienced professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

That makes EXIM PHARMA a reliable partner and an expert in its field. Based in Belgium, the company operates throughout Europe and benefits from an excellent network developed over several decades within the EU


Parallel import is a system that allows importing original pharmaceuticals marketed in EU countries, and then selling them at a lower price in other EU countries. This is made possible  by virtue of the free movement of goods within the EU and because manufacturers of original pharmaceuticals sell their products at different prices within the EU given the individual market conditions in each country.

We meet rigorous criteria officially recognized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the Directive on falsified medicines (FMD) and the Belgian Federal Agency for Medical and Health Products (FAMHP – FAGG – FAMHP).

Our products come from official suppliers and are subject to the same high quality standards as original medicine. We make sure that the quality of the goods is maintained from manufacturer to supplier to end-user.

EXIM PHARMA is a Belgian company created in 2021 and located in Brussels.

EXIM PHARMA is a company specializing in the import and export of pharmaceutical products.

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